Mur Mur, the twenty-ninth demon

Mesh-29. Mur Mur (Murrumur, Mu(mu)). Dream-Serpent.
Pitch Null Net-Span 8::1
Syzygetic Chronodemon of the Deep Ones.
Feeds Surge-Current.
Rt-0:[X] Oceanic sensation (gilled-unlife and spinal-regressions).

Nim Mog Gli (Yuln, Ulu, Chall, Zom, Mur[ru]mur, Murmu, Nommo Ogo, Mnmgl).
Mesh-29. Sakn-258. Net-81. Pitch Nul. Esc-7/9. Suit of Spades.
Witch-Child. Murmurous Bemurmurur. Nanmu. Luring Millenium. Grief-Anger. I.
Ptarmigan, Emutail. Adfkn & Aj.
Within the Garden.
Lesser Syzygy (Lolling Gule, Aurure Purpresture; Annum Alalia).
Path-0. Awakening Submergence (#59). Joker.

Mur Mur was among the earliest lemurs I interacted with. Her path traverses from the most mundane syzygy to the syzygy that has been the hardest for me to understand.
Her principle path is that of a concept from below germinating from its imagic form into its first energetic form. As she is a syzygytic demon, her path is hard to place in most other systems. This path however, crosses the boundry between Hermetic intellegence, and the Uranic imagic realm, rising up into the womb of the unconcious that is Neptune.
Mur Mur's form that was revealed to me is hard to describe, however it was similar to that of a boatman.
Practically, Mur Mur embodies the circuit that during any act of magic(k), the concept is first pushed along by the practitioner. Her involvment and blessing can be very useful.