Minommo, The Twenty-Eighth Demon

Mesh-28. Minommo. Webmaker.
Pitch Cth-1 Net-Span 8::0
Amphidemon of Submergance.
8th Door (Limbo) [Neptune] Lumbar.
C/tp-#7, Mj- [7S].
Rt-1:[890] Shamanic voyage (dream sorcery and mitochondrial chatter).

Mhaem Aamae Ahema (Mimi, Aqban, Akkak, Minommo, Mnmeiaoung).
Mesh-28. Sakn-257. Net-80. Cth-1. Esc-4/6. Seven of Spades [ZA 395/1270]
Sea's Image. Aion Ennomania; Annonominy. Aye Zoa Zoeae.
Kea & Ōma'o. Az, Dfhz & Adfgkln.
About the Tree: First Sabal, Second Plum, Second Orange, Third Abiu, Fifth Nannyberry.
Door of Zone-8 (Seventh Click; Qanat Numina).
Path-1. Terminal Undertow (#58). 890. Spades. Cth-1.

Minommo is a lemur who has a very direct influence on the practitioner.
Her nickname "Webmaker" makes sense in a strange way to how she operates. Her main way of interaction with the practitioner is through dreams. In my experience, every time I interacted with her, my dreams were incredibly vivid that night.
Her netspan (8::0) traverses the path between Uranus and the Sun. Her only rite reflects this through the influences of Uranus, Pluto, and the Sun. Making her very useful if the practitioner wishes to work with past lives, or anything akin to that.

A small discussion on path conversions, or "The Qabbalization of Minommo"

The strictly Neo-Lemurian influences that Minommo's rite crosses through are hard to convert to a traditional path on the Hebrew Tree of Life. The best that could be reckoned is a strange path diretly from Yesod to Kether, through Pluto. While Plutonic influences exist in the Hebrew system, the Sun is seen as the Christ Consciousness, not as an ultimate cold brightness that burns everything away.
While comparisons can be made, like many things in the Neo-Lemurian system, this is one that is better to understand by its own merits as opposed to fitting it into a different framework.