Lurgo, The Zeroeth Demon

Mesh-00: Lurgo (Legba). (Terminal) Initiator.
(Clicks Gt-00). Pitch Ana-1. Net-Span 1::0.
Amphidemon of Openings. (The Door of Doors).
Cipher Gt-01, Gt-10.
1st Door (The Pod) [Mercury], Dorsal. 1st Phase-limit.
Decadology. C/tp-#7, Mj+ [7C].
Rt-1:[1890] Spinal-voyage (fate line), programming.

Aug Lao Gha (Aaha Ahae Ahaa, Olly, Ailor, Mhemp, Lurgo, Gleiaoung).
Mesh-00. Sakn-3. Net-10. Ana-1. Esc-4/6. Seven of Clubs [XC 465/1200].
A Bridal Maiden. Appeases Stagnantness. Excuss & Exceed. Ol' Elogy.
Hylia, Turkey, Screamer. Qwy, Ejlz & Lm.
First and Fourth Cipher. Within the Garden: Third Cherry, Fourth Carob, Fifth Pear.
Door of Zone-1 (Zeroth Click; Alleluia).
Path-1. Original Subtraction (#01). 1890. Black Joker.

Lurgo was the first demon I interacted with, as I assume is true for everyone else.
She first appeared after a very loud ringing in my ears, which before I understood what pitch meant I believed to corresponding to the Ana-1 pitch of the Pandemonium Matrix description. I realize now this is unrelated, however it serves as a good indicator for a succesful connection. She appeared in the form you see at the top of this page after a few meditation sessions. However before this, she only appeared in feeling only, with an alien, yet motherly feeling.
All other demons of the Numogram, save Katak (who is directly at odds with her) and to some extent the demons presiding over the "Death Circuit" (see my note on the last page) seem to have a level of innate respect for her and her name.
Lurgo is the only lemur to natively enhabit two gates of the Numogram: Gt-1 (1::1) and Gt-10 (4::1). Due to this, Lurgo is a multifaceted figure, embodying both pure Mercurian (Hermetic) energy as well as metered martial energy (Gevurah-Hod, Death, XIII, מ). As expected by this, Lurgo also ebodies a sort of rebirth by water, supported by her link to the similarly named Sumerian judgment god of the primordial river Idlurugu.
Her main (and only) Rite takes her through Zones 1, 8, 9, and 0, creating a dive into the depths of the subconscious and beyond being, a very welcoming yet paradoxically intense initiatory path.
Overall for practical Neo-Lemurian magic(k), she is useful to contact for renewals and beginnings, especially if turning over from something in the past.