Ixidod, the fifth demon

Mesh-05. Ixidod (King Sid). The Zombie-Maker.
Pitch Ana-5. Net Span 3::2.
Amphidemon of Escape-velocity.
Haunts Gt-03. 3rd Phase-limit.
Decadology: C/tp-#5, Mn+ [5H].
Rt-1:[23] Crises through excess (micropause abuse).
Rt-2:[27563] Illusion of progress (out of the frying-pan into the fire). [+1 sub-Rt].

Udz Xad Tau (Dzuz, Ozou, Azoft, Ixidod, Zxdt).
Mesh-05. Sakn-12. Net-32. Ana-5. Esc-8/5. Five of Hearts [NM 815/850].
Puppeteer. Deadheaded Daze. Primordial Ooze (Daytide). Upwardness.
Pratincole. Ad.
Second Haunt. About the Garden: First Cherry, Second Carob, Third Pear.
Possession of Zone-5 (Unminimizing & Unmooring; Mnemotechnic).
Path-1. Sudden Flight (#09). 23. Hearts. Ana-5.
Path-2. Preserving Coincidence (#10+1). 27563. Diamonds. Cth-4.

Ixidod is an interesting Lemur both on her own and in comparison to the others.
She makes perfect sense and yet is somehow paradoxical. She represents both "escape" from the Time Circuit, and at the same time entry into the center of all, the Warp, the region both inside and outside of time. My initial experience with her was one of the experience of one asking for passage across a wide chasm, much like the High Priestess or the Goetic demon Paimon. This makes sense from a Neo-Lemurian perspective, however the netspan that is crossed (7::2) does not correspond to these. This is one of the differences between the Hebrew Tree of Life, as the path of Netzach-Malkuth (ק) corresponding to the path of (Awaiting further information). Ixidod, in opposition to this represents a sort of "recoiling" of time itself, from the mundane Time Circuit into the chaos and absolute order of the Warp.
When Ixidod manifested herself to me, she appeared as a pale horse without eyes, but with three eyes on each side of her neck.
Practically, Ixidod is good to contact in order to become more in tune with the center of the divine, helping the practitioner to get a higher view of everything. She can also be regarded as an escape from physicality.