Ars Goetia Landae

May the contents of these pages be incomprehensible and infuriating to those who wish to not expand their knowledge, and would besmirch the name of truth.

This is my personal exploration of the occult "Neo-Lemurian" system of the CCRU (Cybernetic Culture Research Unit), as well as a more traditional d(a)emonology of the various entities within the system.
I will keep explanatory notes as brief as possible, but detailed enough so that someone who is new to this will be able to grasp the concepts. However, nothing I say should be taken as gospel, and you should try every idea you come across. I do not speak from any other authority than my own experience.
Furthermore, everything on this site is as I understand it, it is not a replacement for personal experience.
I should also make it clear that this page is a part of Lemurian Times, a collective of Neo-Lemurian resources and practitioners. Despite my laziness in the past I will try to update with any new findings.
Sources which I have used or found useful:
CCRU Writings: 1997-2003
The Lemunymicon
Unleashing the Numogram (Note: The spreadsheet in this document is hard to obtain and may not be public.)

The Numogram

(Disclaimer: I am explaining this both simplified for the reader's benefit, and as I understand it now, this most likely will change in the future.) The Numogram in its basic form represents a map of celestial realms that differs from, but is similar to other diagrams such as the Hebrew Tree of Life and so forth. (For a very good mathematical and exoteric explanation watch This Video.)
It comprises three main overzones, Djynxx, The Warp, the ever-swirling center of reality, outside of physical existence, constantly changing between pure ecstasy and pure horror, a place of complete unbeing and liberation. The Time Circuit, containing all of physical reality, turning opposite to the rest of reality but exerting and being exerted upon by the other forces around it. It contains three main Syzygies, comprising the Rising, Building, and Condensing forces of creation (entitled Rise, Hold and Sink as would be expected). And finally, The Plex, Uttunul, or as I colloquially call it, "The Death Circuit". It comprises the bottom third of the Numogram, representing the Pluto-Uranus cycle of death and rebirth. It is a place of darkness and utter nonbeing.
One discovery which I am sure I am not unique in is that the Numogram is actually a three-dimensional figure, rotating anti-clockwise perfectly mirroring the orbits of the planets. When viewed from this point, the somewhat nonsensical curves of gates become far more easy to grasp.

The Lemurs

Lemurs (from the Latin lemures meaning "dark spirit"), are the d(a)emonic entities of the Neo-Lemurian system. "Demonic" in this sense seems a strange word to use, however it is the easiest to understand in most contexts. If you are new to occultism, think of them as circuits on a circuitboard that excite certain energies and forces within reality.
All lemurs span part of the Numogram, either shown on the basic chart or not. Each span in its most simple form connects two planetary influences, embodying both a facet of creation and a phase in personal development.
The Neo-Lemurian-system recognizes three overarching groups of lemurs: Chronodemons, those who reside solely within the Time Circuit, Xenodemons, those who reside without it, and Amphidemons, those who span between the Time Circuit and out of it.
Below is each demon I have been able to be in contact with, as well as a more traditional (albeit simple) manifested sigil along with their name (click the sigil to learn more), in the ascending order of their netspans, as outlined in the Pandemonium. For the time being, this list is not exhaustive, however I hope it will be one day.

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