Ababbatok, The Twenty-Fifth Demon

Mesh-25. Ababbatok (Abracadabra). Regenerator.
Pitch Ana-2. Net-Span 7::4.
Cyclic Chronodemon of Suspended Decay.
Shadows Hold-Current.
Decadology: C/tp-#2, Mj+ [2C].
Rt-1:[4187] Frankensteinian experimentation (reanimations, golems).
Rt-2:[45187] Mn. Purifications, amphibious cycles (and healing of wounds).
Rt-3:[7254] Mj. Sustenance (smoke visions).

Opeb Akko Osri (Ibri, Akko, Ekim, Ababbatok, Pbkskr).
Mesh-25. Sakn-144. Net-74. Ana-2. Esc-1/0. Two of Clubs [FL 561/771].
Queenly Poltergeist; Holly of Hollies. Revivalist; Shipwright; Naiad.
Stone-Curlew & Turnstone. Fl, Adfg & Ghjm.
Broken Shadow of the Hold. About the Garden: First Thimbleberry.
Immaculate of Zone-2 (Floes and Groundwater).
Path-1. Swift Revival (#51). 4187. Hearts. Ana-2.
Path-2. Slow Revival (#52). 45187. Diamonds. Cth-2.
Path-3. Suspended Anomalies (#53). 7254. Cardinal. Black Joker.

Ababbatok is a very interesting lemur for her practical influences, which can seem somewhat counterintuitive to her energetic influences.
In my personal experience she was the lemur that gave me my first deep experience with universal love. An experience that seems to be shared by many, as she is a lemur of healing and reattunement with the universe. Her netspan (7::4) crosses the boundry between Neptunian subconscious order and Martial undoing. This unfortunately does not have a direct correlation to the Hebrew Tree of Life, however any students of the Qabbalistic tradition are welcome to contact me with their theories regarding this.
Ababbatok's three rites consist of two similar rites and one interestingly bizzare one in comparison. The first two ([4187] and [45187]) correspond to both "Swift Revival" and "Slow Revival" respectively as the Lemunymicon states. These can be extrordinarily helpful in times of distress or with recooperating from something. The third path, in contrast, focuses on visions and messages through mediums. For example, a personal experiment I have been attempting is using radio static as the medium to summon her through.